Producer / Co-founder, RADD Productions


  • Feature Film, “Now You See Her” (Line Producer)

  • Short Film, “Friday Night” (Line Producer)

  • Short Film, “Suddenly Sophie” (Executive Producer)

  • Short Film, “Jump” (Executive Producer, Production Manager)

  • Short Film, “Homegoing” (Production Manager)

  • Music Video Parody, “Love’s A Revolving Door” (Production Manager)

  • Music Video, “Back To Before” (Production Manager)

  • Promo, “Diamond Inc Startup” (Production Manager, On-Set Sound Recordist)

  • Performing and Visual Arts Festival, “RADD Fest” (Production Manager)

  • Workshops, readings, script development, and several live performances


Producer / Co-founder, Freelance


  • Animated Series, “Running Man” English Dub (Script Adapter)

  • Animated Web Series, “Herbs” (Audio Producer)

  • Short Film, “Falling Through Time” (Line Producer)

  • TV Pilot, “Aria” (Production Coordinator)


Audio Engineer, Freelance


  • Animated Web Series, “Herbs

  • Audiobook Trilogy, “Slipper”

  • Audiobook, “Dominions”

  • E- Learning, “Hey Clay”

  • Spoken Word Track, Back To Before

  • On Set Sound Recordist, Freelance

  • Short Film, “Moon"

  • Comedy Sketch, “B**ch Party”

  • Comedy Reel, “Jesse Roth Comedy”



On-Set Sound Recordist, Freelance

  • Short Film, “Moon”

  • Promo, “Diamond Inc Startup

  • Music Video, “Celeste Rose

  • Comedy Sketch, “B**ch Party”

  • Comedy Reel, “Jesse Roth Comedy”




  • Syracuse University B.F.A Drama, Magna Cum Laude and Dean’s List Scholar

Ralph Zito, Rob Bundy, Malcolm Ingram, Elizabeth Ingram, Jim Clark, Gerardine Clark


  • Araca Group, Producing Grant and Intensive

Barrow Street Theatre, Vineyard Theatre, Theatre Row, New York Theatre Workshop, Araca Group, Spotco


  • Arielle Tepper Madover Semester

Becky Guy, James Calleri, David Caparelliotis, Louis Colaianni




Protools, Script adaptation, audio recording (Rode NTK mic and Avalon v5 preamp), audio editing (Logic Pro, Adobe Audition), project management, classically trained actor, and voice over artist

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